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Pack 1

Soldier Pack

30 Dp

Pack 2

Bishop Pack

50 Dp


Queen Pack

100 Dp

Pack 4

King Pack

1000 Dp

Product Description

% P.A
Matured value
30 dp
12 months
32.25 dp
50 dp
24 months
58.00 dp
100 dp
36 months
126.50 dp
1000 dp
60 months
1497 dp

  • Extra 0.25% p.a. interest. Where the deposit is matured for all renewals.
  • At maturity value, accumulated deposits may be refreshed.
  • The maturity dp would include wallet credit for consumers.
  • Users will transfer their balance into a bank account from their pocket.

Premature Withdrawal

The below are the YEARN GLOBAL Standards for Premature Withdrawal:


  1. Up to 3 months after the deposit/renewal date (Lock-in-period)

No refund, except in the case of the depositor’s death.

  1. Three months later and just six months prior.

No involvement, No interest.

  1. Later six months, but prior to the maturity date.

Interest is 2% lower than the interest rate applied to the deposit for the period for which the deposit has been made or in the absence of a rate specified for that period, 3% lower than the minimum rate at which the deposits are approved by YEARN GLOBAL.

** In case of the demise of a contributor, the organization will reimburse the deposit rashly, even inside the lock-in period, to the enduring investor/s on account of joint holding with survivor condition, or the candidate or the lawful beneficiary/s of the expired contributor, on the solicitation of the enduring investor/s/chosen one/lawful beneficiary, and just against the accommodation of confirmation of death, and other vital records as per the general inclination of the YEARN GLOBAL.

** The aforementioned rates are available for early redemption in the event of a depositor’s death.

DP wallet is a perfect solution for your storage needs.

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