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The DP Management Team is dedicated to drive positive change and offer safe and faster DP services for the people worldwide. We carefully monitor the system and comply with all the rules and regulations to fulfil our commitment to the user for compliance, transparency and business excellence.


Exchange is the important base and part of Yearnglobal. Each active user will become an exchanger here. Hence we have introduced the powerful wallet which performs. We generally aim to ensure global usage of the DP and to accommodate merchant needs. DP will be the best virtual currency for its users and easy to use.


The virtual currency has been a part of almost everyone’s life for the past years. This amazing innovation uniquely suits to facilitate dubious behaviour. The regulatory challenges related to virtual currency are the anonymity of transactions and the decentralization of financial dealings. The authority’s major goal is to prevent the possibility of using the virtual currency for criminal activity. Since each virtual currency has its own unique traits, DP and other virtual currency must be assessed by the regulators based on the unique traits. To prevent the users from engaging in the criminal and unwanted behaviour, DP monitors its users and implements set of rules aligned with the legal development i.e. the use of KYC are implemented to disrupt any possible misconduct by its users.


By requesting the required documents Yearnglobal proves the identity of each user and makes sure that each transaction made using the protocol is not anonymous. Since nowadays global business opportunities demand a highly sophisticated international customer identification and verification solution, the KYC policy is adopted by Yearnglobal. It includes the identification of the user and verifying their identity by examining reliable and independent documents. All the documents submitted by the users will remain confidential at Yearnglobal.

Each user must go through this verification process every time when his/her identity information is required. The KYC information request will include name, residential address, country and date of birth as provided to the Yearnglobal account registration. The DP will be the first virtual money which stores the KYC documents of its users in its wallet.

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Audit Reports

Yearnglobal is one of the leading company in the world to audit its wallet string by an external independent auditor. The objective of the audit is to assess the consistency of the wallet string and to verify that no DP is purchased outside the wallet string. This provides that all the existing transactions are included in the wallet string and are consistent. A number of automatic tests will be performed to verify the transactions. This is the first procedure followed here.

The second procedure used here is to prove that the wallet string is consistent. This means that all the transactions inputs and outputs correspond and can be tracked from the very first transactions. It will also ensure that there is no error in the wallet sequence. Also, the wallet string will contain the transactions validated in the tests.

Thus, through the necessary procedures, the wallet string consistency will be verified for each and every transactions. Hence there will be no DP buying outside and no alternation to the wallet string. As a member, they will see the number of DP buying on the site is actual, real-time data is used and no more or less DP is there as stated on the site. The audit of the wallet string proves that the wallet string of DP is consistent and the number seen on the counter of the user’s dashboard is accurate on the website.

DP wallet is a perfect solution for your storage needs.

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