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Terms & Conditions for Exchanger.


  1. If you wish to become an active Yearnglobal exchanger, you must be an activated member of the Yearnglobal system. To become the Exchanger of our DP system, it is compulsory for any user to become an active member of the system.


  1. The active accounts should be active in any wallets or net banking and as a user, you should be aware of all the transactions which take place by means of net banking or any other wallets.


  1. On request of purchase or sale of any user, first, the dollar/currency has to be deposited in the exchanger account.


  1. The exchanger will have the maximum time of 24 hours to transfer the required/demanded currency/dollars in the same account/wallet.


  1. Any exchange or transaction will be cancelled after notification or informing the condition of any irregularity. Sometimes, the violation of rules may also lead to ID blocks.


DP wallet is a perfect solution for your storage needs.

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