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Digital Wallet

The Yearnglobal DP system provides you with a fully functional Digital Wallet. Our high-end system secures your wallet completely and allows you to keep an eye on the transactions and your account balance. For spending DPs and fund all you need is your OTP (One Time Password). This provides protection from the wallet stealing viruses and other threats before sending payments. This digital wallet is an electronic device that allows the user to make electronic commerce transactions. The user’s bank account can be linked to the digital wallet and these are not only used for the financial transactions but also to authenticate the user’s credentials.


Our digital wallet has both software and information component. The software provides security and encryption to the personal information of the user and for all the transactions. The digital wallets are usually stored on the user side and can be easily maintained. A server-side digital wallet generally known as e-wallet will be created by the organization for and about you and will be maintained on the servers. These server-side digital wallets are gaining more popularity for its security, efficiency and other utilities among the retailers.

The information component is the database of the user-input information. This set of information will contain your shipping address, billing address, payment methods (credit card numbers, expiry dates and security numbers) and other information.

The key points of this digital wallet are

It comprises both digital wallet devices and systems. There are other digital wallet devices such as biometric wallet which is a physical device holding the user’s cash and cards along with the Bluetooth mobile connection.

The digital wallet systems enable the use the digital wallet transactions among the retail vendors in the form of mobile payments and digital wallet applications. Each country has different popular digital wallets which are widely used by the individuals.

Payments for goods and services purchased online

The client-side digital wallet does not need more setup and is easy to use. Once the software is installed by the user then they can begin by entering all the pertinent and exact information. After the digital wallet is set up, it can be used in an e-commerce site. At the check-out page, the digital wallet software has the ability to enter the user information in the form automatically. But for
automatic form filling, the user will be prompted for a password. This will keep the unauthorized users away from viewing and using the personal information stored on a particular device.


The digital wallets are designed to be accurate while transferring data in the retail checkout form but when the e-commerce site has a peculiar checkout system the digital wallet may fail to recognize the fields properly. This problem has been eliminated by the sites and wallet software that use the Electronic Commerce Modeling Language (ECML) technology. This is a protocol that dictates how the online retailer’s structure is and set up their checkout forms.

Application of digital wallets

Users are not required to fill the order forms on each site when they purchase an item since the information has already been stored and will automatically be updated across the fields of the merchant site using the digital wallet. Both the consumers and merchants have benefit in using the digital wallets since all their information will be encrypted and protected by the private software code i.e., OTP.

Yearnglobal digital wallets are available for the users in free of charge and easy to obtain. Though the wallet is free for the consumers yet merchants and vendors will take the charges to the customers in different ways. In other cases, the digital wallet vendors process of transactions are
free of cost.

DP wallet is a perfect solution for your storage needs.

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